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Easy Serviced Apartment Marketing Strategies 2024

Guests are increasingly choosing serviced apartments so they can enjoy hotel amenities without compromising their privacy. With so many properties in the town, you will need to step up your marketing efforts to attract more clients and increase the profitability of your service apartment. I’ll provide you with some simple serviced apartment marketing ideas in this blog to help you draw in more visitors.

What are the amenities and facilities in a serviced apartment?

Before discussing serviced apartment marketing tactics, it’s critical to recognize and comprehend your primary assets. 

Facilities and amenities are crucial USPs for every company in the hospitality industry. Let’s examine a few that are frequently seen in serviced apartments:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Fully furnished kitchen
  • Regular housekeeping
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Access to the swimming pool in society
  • 24*7 security (CCTV, guards, app-based security system)
  • Entertainment facilities (Smart TV,  society’s clubhouse, garden area)
  • Centralized air conditioning
  • Attractive interiors
  • Power back-up
  • Water purifier

How to promote your serviced apartments?

To Promote your vacation rental you should think about the following things.

1. Identify your guests

Determining the target audience is a crucial stage in any marketing approach. Are you aware that 80 percent of the material is promoted incorrectly to consumers?

All the money and work you put into marketing your property to the wrong types of guests is wasted. Regarding the target market for serviced flats, you can concentrate on the following four primary verticals:

  • Visitors hoping to take a lengthy family holiday in a cozy setting
  • Corporate staff on a lengthy business trip
  • International guests People relocating to the city looking for temporary accommodation.

Organizations started implementing work-from-home (WFH) policies after the pandemic. A growing number of corporate workers are choosing serviced apartments as a change of pace and to avoid the headaches of household assignments. 

2.  List on online booking platforms

The method of booking properties has been altered by OTAs. Joining these sites will help you attract customers from all around the world, so make sure you join there. 

Numerous of these OTAs have begun serving a certain niche. For example, several services allow reservations for serviced flats alone. Among the well-known ones are:

  • Villa Rentavilla
  • Couchsurfing in Bluefield
  • Quest OneFineStay Apartments

In addition, you can list your property on other OTAs like Airbnb,, and Go-MMT, as well as regional real estate websites.

3. Made Connect with corporate organizations

As previously said, if guests are staying for an extended period, working professionals and business travelers recommend serviced apartments.  

It is preferable to take advantage of this chance by cooperating with these groups. You can facilitate WFH policies for employees by forming strategic partnerships with IT companies, and many companies that offer WFH policies to other similar organizations. 

It is vital to establish a pay structure that is both flexible and advantageous to both the partner company and yourself. For this guest category, it would be preferable to implement corporate rates, such as weekly and monthly. These corporate organizations also hold regular business meetings and projects. Thus, it is unquestionably a great way to market serviced apartments.  

4. Build a Website For Your Serviced Accommodation

Website is mandatory for every hospitality business. And, a brand website can make you stand out from the crowd.

Your website makes the initial impression on visitors, and serviced apartments are no exception. To draw in visitors, it’s critical to have interesting content and beautiful photos of your property.

Invest in an intuitive website builder and keep your content up to date. Additionally, remember to optimize it for higher conversion rates. After your website is constructed, connect it to the social media accounts for your serviced apartment and your Google My Business listing.

5. Add high-quality photographs to the websites

Poor photo quality is one of the reasons why a lot of serviced apartments go undetected. I’ve seen a lot of properties where the owner has simply provided images of the hallway, kitchen, and bathroom.

There are occasionally pictures of every room, but they are warped or fuzzy. These types of photos give guests a bad impression.

You can click some good pictures from your smartphone in portrait mode, with a minimum resolution of 1800*1200 pixels. Moreover, you can enhance them using various photo editing apps like Adobe PS Express, Snapseed by Google, or Picsart.

6. Join Social media pages and groups

Social media platforms changed from being used for friend-making to being used for business. Millions of businesses are using social media these days.

Indeed, for those who are interested in business, Facebook has a separate tool called “Marketplace.” Make sure to set up a social media page for your serviced apartment as soon as possible.

Maintaining relationships with local groups is another motivation for doing this. As you may know, prior to moving to a new location, people look for housing in real estate groups, such as apartments and roommates in Mumbai, serviced apartments in Delhi, houses and apartments in New York, and PGs in Bangkok.

In these communities, you can publish information about your serviced apartments to get leads.

7. Highlight your locality and nearby facilities

When scheduling a serviced apartment, one of the main things that guests look for is the flat’s proximity to other amenities. The former indicates whether the place is safe to live in, while the latter shows how simple it is to get everyday necessities.

When it comes to crises, guests choose serviced apartments that are near hospitals. In addition, there are neighboring stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. 

You can advertise nearby attractions if your property is situated in a popular tourist location. Aim to incorporate them into your writing.

Writing blogs about these tourist destinations would undoubtedly improve visitor engagement. Additionally, emphasizing how close these places are to your serviced property can encourage visitors to make a reservation.

8. Turn to WhatsApp messaging

One of the primary means of communication in the hospitality sector at the moment is WhatsApp.  It not only helps tourists but also increases direct booking conversion rates. It follows that using WhatsApp in your apartment marketing strategy makes perfect sense. 

Now, when I say WhatsApp, I don’t mean to text your visitors in this same manner. Not at all!

With the many tools that WhatsApp Business offers, you can create an end-to-end marketing plan.

Guests are drawn to serviced apartments because they offer an opulent and comfortable “home away from home” experience. Numerous properties have increased in value globally as a result of this. But the majority of them fall short in drawing in visitors. Start using these serviced apartment marketing techniques for your property TODAY if you want to prevent this situation.

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