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How to Get More Direct Bookings Without Losing Airbnb or Customers

How to get more direct booking on your Serviced Accommodation in the UK

The vacation rental scene in the UK is booming, and as a savvy host, you understand the importance of maximizing bookings. While platforms like Airbnb and bring valuable exposure, their commission fees can affect your profits. So, how can you attract more direct bookings without alienating existing customers on these popular platforms?

In this Blog, we are going to guide you about mastering the art of direct bookings.

  1. Display your unique attraction

High-quality photos and engaging descriptions highlighting your property’s USP (unique selling proposition) are crucial. Think attraction of a Cotswold cottage, quirky London flat.

  1. Seamless booking experience

A user-friendly website with a secure booking engine is essential. Consider offering local Faster Payments or direct bank transfers for UK guests.

  1. SEO optimization

Target Relevant keywords like Serviced Accommodation in the UK and Pet-Friendly Accommodation in London. Local authority citations and backlinks are utilized for better ranking in UK-based searches.

  1. Promote in Social media 

Share stunning photos and videos of your property and its surroundings on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Highlight local attractions and activities to entice UK travelers

  1. Run Ads campaign 

Utilize social media advertising platforms to reach specific demographics interested in UK staycations or weekend getaways.

  1. Keep engaging with Audiences

Respond to comments and inquiries promptly, building trust and encouraging direct communication

  1. Provide Offer Incentives for Direct Bookings

Provide a percentage off the total booking amount for those who book directly through your website. Encourage early bookings with attractive discounts for UK travelers planning their holidays. Include unique experiences or local treats in your direct booking packages, like afternoon tea vouchers or guided tours, to make them stand out.

  1. Prioritize guest satisfaction

Deliver exceptional experiences on Airbnb and to cultivate positive reviews and encourage repeat bookings

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By implementing these strategies, you can effectively increase direct bookings while fostering positive relationships with existing customers on Airbnb and Remember, consistency, quality, and a focus on the unique value you offer are key to attracting UK travelers and maximizing your rental income

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Watch this video to learn more about How to Find Profitable Airbnb Co-Hosting Clients in the UK.

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