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Mistakes of owners made during starting serviced accommodation in the UK

Talking about the Serviced Accommodation, Many owners are making tons of mistakes. These mistakes cost a lot of money, effort, and time, but don’t worry about these types of mistakes. We are here to help Short-Term Rentals in the UK & globally, owners to manage their property. We will share our experiences with you to avoid these kinds of mistakes in your Serviced Accommodations. 

Here are the few common mistakes that Every Serviced Apartments owner makes.

  • Doesn’t care about service of Serviced Apartments ( also known as Guest experience) 
  • Not having proper Policy/Terms & Conditions.
  • Don’t have a proper understanding of Serviced Accommodation
  • Less research about what types of audiences are they targeting
  • Not using the property listing platform 
  • Low-quality images of Serviced apartments

Doesn’t care about Service of Serviced Apartments

Serviced Accommodation is the best business from which you can generate a lot of money, but it’s important not to forget the purpose of your business. When owners are being money-minded they forget about adding better facilities to get better customer experiences. As a result, they got bad reviews from guests.

Not having proper policy/Terms and Conditions

Without a company policy guests can cancel the bookings and ask for a refund in almost any situation. Remember you’re running a business, so it is compulsory to have terms and conditions to safeguard your business.

Not understanding about how to run Serviced Apartments

Short-term rental owners who are new at Serviced Accommodation make a lot of mistakes and they don’t know how to run Serviced Accommodation Business in the UK. If you facing problems while running your serviced accommodation business then Book a call with us to learn how to run Serviced Accommodation in the UK. 

Less research about what types of audiences are they targeting

While starting the Service accommodation business in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Spain, Portugal, and many other places, think about the audience that you are targeting. 

Not using the property listing platform

If you are a serviced accommodation owner then you should use a property listing platform to promote your Serviced Apartments. Use popular property listing platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, and many others.use this platform to list your short-term rental property.

Having low-quality images in the property listing platform

When you are listing your property on a property listing platform be aware of posting quality images and videos including all the facilities that you are going to provide.

If you have any queries regarding the Serviced Accommodation feel free to Book a call with your experts to run your serviced accommodation even more smoothly and manage all the bookings.

We have now worked in global markets such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Spain, Portugal and many others. We are excited to help you find your perfect serviced accommodation & apartments.

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