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Places to start Your Serviced accommodations business in the UK

The UK’s serviced accommodation business is on a roll! Offering a blend of hotel-style convenience and apartment privacy, serviced accommodation is a popular choice for travelers of all kinds. This booming sector presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the hospitality industry. But with a dynamic market and diverse locations, choosing the right spot to launch your serviced accommodation business is a crucial step to starting your vacation rental business.

This blog cuts through the confusion, guiding you through some of the most promising destinations to establish your serviced accommodation in the UK. We’ll let you know about popular cities with steady demand, explore rising stars with niche markets, and highlight the importance of conducting thorough location research. So, whether you’re a beginner in the serviced accommodation business or an expert vacation rental operator this blog equips you with the knowledge to kickstart your serviced accommodation journey in the thriving UK market.

Major Cities where you can start a serviced accommodation business in the UK.

  1. London

The undisputed business and tourism hub, London offers a constant stream of potential guests. From corporate executives to international tourists, a well-located serviced accommodation property in London is likely to see consistent occupancy rates.

  1. Manchester

A city undergoing significant regeneration, Manchester offers a vibrant mix of business and leisure opportunities.¬†Serviced accommodation can cater to professionals relocating for work or tourists exploring the city’s rich culture and sporting heritage.

  1. Birmingham

England’s second city boasts a strong economy and excellent transport links. Serviced accommodation can attract business travelers, students, and tourists seeking a central base to explore the Midlands.

  1. Edinburgh & Glasgow

Scotland’s two largest cities are havens for tourists and business travelers alike.¬† Serviced accommodation can cater to both, offering a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional hotels.

Where can I find the right place to start my serviced accommodation business?

Remember the location is an important factor that you should be aware of before investing in the serviced accommodation business in the UK market. 

In this blog, I will suggest a few factors that you should be aware of before starting a serviced accommodation business in the UK.

  1. Tourist Attractions
  2. Business Hubs
  3. Airport areas
  4. Local attractions
  5. Universities

The UK serviced accommodation market is ripe with opportunity, and with careful planning and strategic location selection, your business can flourish. Remember, in-depth research is your best friend. Analyze the competition, understand your target market, and ensure your chosen property adheres to local regulations. By combining a prime location, a well-defined guest experience, and a commitment to quality service, you can transform your serviced accommodation business into a success story. So, start your research today, and get ready to welcome guests to their comfortable and convenient home away from home in the UK.

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