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Who prefers to stay in serviced apartments

Who prefers to stay in serviced apartments?

In today’s travel landscape, flexibility and comfort reign supreme. Enter serviced apartments the chic fusion of hotel-style convenience and private apartment space. But who exactly are the globetrotters choosing serviced apartments over traditional hotels or rentals? we’re about to unpack the demographics behind this trending accommodation option, with a bonus guide on attracting them to your property.

What types of guests prefer to stay on Serviced Accommodation?

Vacation Worker

With remote work booming, the lines between business and leisure are blurring. Enter the #workcationer, the digital nomad who seeks a comfortable and productive environment for extended stays. Offer high-speed Wi-Fi, dedicated workspaces, and co-working areas to become their productivity haven.

HomeAwayFromHome Seeker

Traveling families and friend groups crave a space that feels like an extension of their own home. Cater to them with fully-equipped kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and in-unit laundry facilities. Bonus points for offering child-friendly amenities and social spaces.

Student and Researchers

From medical tourists to students abroad, some travelers need a temporary haven for longer periods. Highlight your extended stay packages, loyalty programs, and partnerships with local businesses to make them feel right at home.

business traveler

The savvy business traveler who extends their work trip into a leisure stay is a prime target.  Showcase your proximity to both business hubs and cultural attractions, with on-site fitness facilities or partnerships with local gyms to cater to their wellness needs.

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Now that you know who your ideal guests are, tailor your offerings to their specific needs. Here are some tips:

Active in Social Media

Showcase the lifestyle aspect with aspirational workcation and HomeAway from home content. Partner with local influencers to target specific demographics.

Built your Website

Offer seamless online booking, contactless check-in, and mobile-friendly guest services.

Focus on Guest Experience

Prioritize personalized service, thoughtful amenities, and local recommendations to create a memorable stay.

By understanding your target audience and exceeding their expectations, you can turn your serviced apartments into a magnet for today’s discerning travelers. So, welcome them in,  and watch your serviced accommodation business thrive.

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