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Primary host and a co-host on Airbnb

The difference between Co-Hosts and Primary Host

In The UK Airbnb has completely changed the way people travel by providing distinctive lodging choices and opening up chances for people to host guests. Airbnb lets you effectively manage your listings, whether you’re renting out a spare room or your full property. A common issue that hosts face is the difference between co-hosts and primary hosts. We’ll look at the responsibilities and differences between primary hosts and co-hosts on Airbnb in London in this blog.

There are two types of hosts in Airbnb that are Primary Host and Co-host which are famous part-time jobs in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, and places that we have worked at GrowYourBnb like London, Chelsea, London Bridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Coventry, Sandbanks.

Primary Host

The primary Host is the person who lists the Property on Airbnb and manages all the properties This persons either own the property themselves or has control of the property ( in the UK we call it Rent to Rent Serviced Accommodation)   Primary Host Responsibilities include:

  1. Listing The property

Primary hosts create listings, upload photos, write proper descriptions, set pricing, manage reservations, and manage availability calendars.

  1. Communication with Guest

Primary hosts communicate with guests before, during, and after their stay. This includes answering inquiries, providing proper directions, and addressing any kinds of concerns or issues that may arise.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance

To keep the property in good condition in between guest stays, primary hosts have the option to employ cleaning services or maintenance staff in addition to doing cleaning and maintenance chores themselves.

  1. Payments and reviews

The primary hosts bear the responsibility of operating the Airbnb payment system, collecting fees, and processing refunds. Their reputation as a host may be impacted by the reviews they can leave for visitors and receive from visitors.


A Co-host is a person who assists the primary host in managing Serviced Accommodation also known as Short Term Rental Business in the UK. Airbnb Co-host can help Primary hosts in various aspects. Some of the responsibilities of a co-host are:

  1. Guest Communication:

Co-hosts can help with greeting visitors, responding to questions, and offering support while they’re visiting. When the primary host is unavailable or has a hectic schedule, this can help lighten their workload.

  1. Check-in Check-out:

Co-hosts can assist with check-in and check-out, particularly if the main host is unable to make it. In addition to making sure that visitors have a pleasant arrival and departure experience, they can greet them warmly at the property and provide them with keys or access codes.

  1. Housekeeping and maintenance:

Co-host may help in housekeeping and maintenance of Serviced Accommodations. To make Serviced Apartments tidy, well-maintained, and prepared for the arrival of the guests. The Co-host will coordinate with cleaning services, carry out inspections, and address any kinds of maintenance issues that arise.

  1. Managing Listing and Pricing:

Co-host helps the Primary host to update pricing and manage the calendars. They can also offer perceptions and suggestions for enhancing the success of the listing.

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Major differences between Primary Host and Co-Host

Knowing the differences between a primary host and a co-host is crucial when renting out your house on Airbnb. The people who monitor and administer the Airbnb listing and all of its features are referred to by these two words. Although co-hosts and primary hosts both play important roles in a rental property’s success, their commitment levels and functions are very different.

The name primary host is the main individual responsible for managing the Airbnb listing. They own the property or have the authority to rent it out on behalf of the owner. The primary host handles all aspects of the rental process, from creating and maintaining the listing to guest communication, check-ins, and check-outs. They are also responsible for setting the rental rates, managing bookings and reservations, and ensuring the property is clean and ready for guests.

A co-host is a person or group that helps the main host with property management. Typically, major hosts recruit co-hosts to split the burden and offer extra assistance. They can take care of particular duties like coordinating events, communicating with visitors, maintaining the property, and even handling numerous listings for primary hosts who own multiple properties.

Watch this video to learn more about Short-Term Rentals and amenities that are included in the Serviced Accommodations.

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