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How to calculate break even point in Airbnb

How to calculate break-even point in Airbnb?

The break-even number is one of the most important financial concepts to grasp when starting and running an Airbnb business. We will discuss the significance of understanding your break-even point in this blog article, looking at both fixed and variable costs related to your property. Whether you’re a property owner or a management company, understanding these numbers is fundamental to running a profitable Airbnb business.

The Basics of Break-Even

Fixed Expenses

Your fixed expenses are the consistent costs associated with your property. These include:

  1. Mortgage or Rent:
    The foundational expense for property ownership or rental agreements.
  2. Taxes:
    Ensure compliance with legal requirements and understand the tax implications for your property.
  3. Council Tax or Business Rates:
    Additional charges that may apply depending on the property’s usage.
  4. Utilities:
    Monthly costs for electricity, gas, and water. Estimate usage for long-term bookings.
  5. Wi-Fi:
    A fixed expense necessary for guest amenities.
  6. Parking:
    Include any costs related to parking permits or fees.
  7. Furniture Rental:
    If applicable, consider monthly expenses for rented furniture.
  8. Other Fixed Expenses:
    Include insurance or any additional monthly costs.

Understanding these fixed expenses is crucial for determining your baseline and break-even point.

Variable Expenses

Your variable expenses are contingent on guest bookings and include:

  1. Housekeeping Costs:
    Considered as part of your housekeeping team, variable due to the frequency of cleanings.
  2. Commission to OTA (Online Travel Agency):
    Charges from platforms like Airbnb or, which can vary based on pricing strategies.

Calculating Break-Even Point

Understanding your break-even point involves summing up your fixed and variable expenses. Here’s a simplified formula:

Break-Even Point = Fixed Expenses + Variable Expenses

Maximizing Profit

Once you know your break-even point, you can determine your profit margin. Adding the desired profit to the break-even number helps set appropriate pricing for your property. It’s essential to tailor your variable expenses based on booking lengths and strategies, whether through direct bookings or OTA platforms.


In the competitive landscape of Airbnb, knowledge is power. Understanding the break-even formula for your property empowers you to make informed decisions, set accurate pricing, and ultimately maximize your profit. Whether you’re a property owner or a part of a management company, adopting a strategic approach to break-even analysis is key to long-term success in the dynamic world of short-term rentals.

Remember, success in the Airbnb business begins with a solid understanding of your numbers, ensuring you not only cover your costs but thrive in a flourishing market.

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