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How We Made $10,000 Our First Month as Airbnb Hosts

Unlocking Success: How We Made $10,000 Our First Month as Airbnb Hosts | A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Airbnb Business

Embarking on the journey of becoming an Airbnb host? This blog post will guide you through the process of How We Made $10000 Our First Month as Airbnb Hosts with starting an Airbnb management company, sharing valuable insights gained from working with over 20 management companies worldwide.

Legal Foundations for Your Airbnb Business (Initial Investment: £22,000)

1. Accountant Consultation

  • Understanding the financial intricacies of your business.
  • Setting up accounting practices tailored to your income and expenses.

2. Membership in Property Ombudsman and ICO Data Protection

  • Essential for legal compliance and customer data protection.
  • Annual renewals crucial for business strategy.

3. Insurance Considerations

  • Professional and Indemnity insurance for added security.
  • Membership in the National Landlord Association for credibility.

Monthly Operating Costs (Fixed Expenses: £2,250)

1. Location Freedom

  • Establishing an office with no location constraints for flexibility.

2. Investing in Software

  • Allocating approximately £500 per month for essential software tools.
  • Including Channel managers, CRM systems, automation, and communication tools.

3. Human Resources

  • Hiring at least two staff members for optimal business performance.
  • Strategies for cost-effective global talent acquisition.

4. Other Miscellaneous Business Expenses

  • Budgeting around £250 for additional monthly expenses.
  • Allocating funds for marketing efforts to attract landlords.

Revenue Projections and Realistic Expectations

1. Average Revenue per Unit

  • Contrasting Google’s estimate of £6,000 per month with real-world figures.
  • A conservative estimate of £4,000 per month based on experience.

2. Management Fee Strategy (Starting at 12%)

  • Recommending a 12% management fee to begin with for client satisfaction.
  • Calculating revenue based on a 15% management fee for reference.

3. Scaling Your Business

  • Determining the number of units required to reach a £10,000 net revenue.
  • Balancing potential challenges, such as property issues and maintenance.

Guidance and Support for Your Airbnb Journey

Ready to dive into the Airbnb hosting world? Connect with the expertise at and for tailored advice, business system automation, and brand building.


Starting an Airbnb management company is an exciting venture, but success lies in a thorough understanding of legal requirements, operational costs, and realistic revenue projections. With the right foundation and strategic approach, you can unlock the potential to make $10,000 or more per month as an Airbnb host.

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