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Starting a Short-Term Rental Business in 2024?

Short-term rental is defined as a rental of any apartments, houses or unit for a short period of time. Many guests around London prefer to stay in Serviced Apartments.

What are the types of Short-Term Rentals?
There are several types of Serviced Accommodation such as Single rooms, Entire House and Apartments.

  1. Single Room: If an owner of the property rents out the room for a few days to maximum days it is considered as Serviced Accommodation.
  1. Entire House: If the owner rents out the entire house for a short-term or for long-term stay that is considered as Serviced Accommodations.

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How to Start Short-term-Rental ?

There are Few Things involved When you are going to start a Short-Term Rental Business in the UK. Let’s understand the things that should be included when we start a Serviced Accommodation Business.

  1. Market Research 

Research about the short-term rentals where you’re going to start. Look at popular destinations like tourist areas. Identify the Guests that you’re going to target.

  1. Make business plan

When you are going to do any kind of business, make a written business plan.In that mentions about the cost estimation and short-term and long-term plan about the business. Also make sure about the Return of Investment (ROI).

  1. Registration The business according to the law

Rules and regulations may be different from place to place. Owner of the Serviced accommodation should take the taxes from guests. 

  1. Select location

If you are thinking about starting a Serviced Accommodation business, select the tourist attraction area where you can get visitors easily. London, Manchester and Liverpool are some of the popular places in the UK from where you can get more visitors.

  1. Make Marketing Strategies

Marketing and Branding strategies for Serviced Accommodation important in Every Business. You can do marketing by exploring the social media platform and creating engaging content. Having a good online presence will help you stand out from the competition in a competitive market. 

  1. Add Amenities to the Serviced Accommodations

It is most important for you to add amenities to the Serviced Accommodation. Added key amenities like Wifi, Utilities, Furnished Rooms and Kitchens, parking Spaces, Housekeeping and Security. These are the important amenities that should be added in Serviced Apartments.

  1. Booking Platforms

Create an official website for your short-term rental business and add photos, videos and description about your property.List your property to the Property listing platform like Airbnb, Vrbo and

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The fact we have worked in just over 50+ locations all over the UK for Serviced Accommodation business owners, we are excited to share with you this process and suggestions above.

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