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How to Choose the Right Policy for Your Listing in the UK

How to Choose the Right Policy for Your Listing in the UK

The landscape of cancellations for UK vacation rentals has evolved with the introduction of Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy. This policy offers greater flexibility for both guests and hosts in unforeseen situations beyond their control, but how does it affect your existing cancellation policy choices?

What is Airbnb Cancellation Policy?

A mechanism that manages cancellations of reservations for both hosts and guests is Airbnb’s cancellation policy. Various cancellation policies are available from Airbnb, with variations based on terms and compensation. Continue reading to discover the many cancellation policies and which one is most appropriate for your company.

Options of Airbnb Cancellation

  • Flexible
  • Moderate
  • Firm
  • Strict
  • Long-term (Strict and Flexible)
  • Super strict (30 Days)
  • Super strict (60 Days)

How to Choose the Right Policy for Your Listing

For hosts, handling cancellations is a hassle. They can leave you with little time to find a substitute visitor, which would result in lost sales. As a result, if you want to maximize your bookings, you must carefully consider your Airbnb cancellation option.

Selecting the best policy for your company will reduce the possibility of a conflict requiring Airbnb staff action. You could choose different cancellation rules based on the details of your Airbnb management account.

It is advised that you choose the Flexible cancellation policy for most hosts. The policy that gives the most thought to the needs of guests is this one. By choosing this policy, you demonstrate your willingness to be flexible and provide free cancellation. Your overall booking rate will rise as a result of your guests’ appreciation and increased propensity to make reservations with you.

If you are a Superhost or have a large number of bookings under your belt, you may also want to choose the Moderate cancelation option. This approach increases the likelihood that you will only draw in serious visitors who are unlikely to cancel at the last minute.

Proficient hosts advise against utilizing the Strict cancellation policy. Since travel arrangements are subject to change, guests typically seek greater flexibility. No matter how far in advance guests tell you of the cancellation, they will not receive a full refund under the Strict cancellation policy. It is therefore doubtful that this option will enable you to maintain a full schedule.

Airbnb Host Cancellation Policy

To provide guests with a positive experience, Airbnb works to reduce the number of host cancellations. Nevertheless, in some situations, as a host, you can be forced to cancel a reservation.

Depending on when you choose to cancel a reservation and how many cancellations you have made recently, Airbnb will deduct a fee:

Airbnb raised its cancelation fees for hosts who prematurely cancel as of August 2022.  There will be a USD 50 minimum cancellation fee and a USD 1,000 maximum cancellation fee applied by the platform. The cost is determined by the reservation’s total and the time of cancellation

  • 50% of the reservation value for the nights not stayed is charged if the reservation is canceled 48 hours or less before check-in or after check-in.
  • A 25% fee of the total reservation cost will be charged if the reservation is canceled more than 48 hours and 30 days or less before check-in.
  • 10% of the reservation cost is charged if the reservation is canceled more than 30 days before check-in.

Cancellation costs are normally deducted as specified in the Payments Terms of Service from the subsequent payout(s) to the host. In addition to the costs and penalties outlined in this policy, hosts who cancel or are held accountable for cancellation will either not be paid for the reservation in question or, if paid already, their future payouts will be prorated.

Extenuating conditions that allow hosts to cancel include

  • abrupt modifications to the government’s travel policies.
  • pandemics, epidemics, and local or national crises declared by the government.
  • Governmental travel restrictions that forbid or restrict travel to or from the site of a listing (not including travel advisory warnings).
  • hostilities or military action.
  • natural catastrophes.
  • events or parties without permission.

To give visitors time to change their arrangements, you should make an effort to cancel reservations as soon as possible if you are unable to fulfill them. You will not be able to cancel an online reservation within 24 hours of the check-in time; instead, you will need to get in touch with Airbnb personally.

Airbnb Guest Refund Policy and Cancellations

The refund policy of Airbnb is closely linked to its cancellation policy. The conditions or problems that make visitors eligible for a refund are outlined in the Airbnb refund policy. There are various circumstances in which visitors may be eligible for an Airbnb refund.

Unable to access the lodging

The host fails to deliver the keys or access code for check-in, cancels the reservation within 24 hours of check-in, or modifies the reservation data without the guest’s permission.

Incomplete or erroneous listing details

The listing description did not contain all the necessary information. This may have to do with the size, location, amount of bedrooms, and amenities of the house. It might also have to do with the amenities and appliances on the list that are faulty or don’t work properly.

A guest has 24 hours to file a claim with Airbnb if they experience any of these circumstances. Whether or not to book a different hotel or issue a reimbursement to the guest is ultimately up to Airbnb. Visitors must submit supporting proof, such as images, videos, and other records, to prove their claims. Additionally, they must offer proof that they made an effort to get in touch with the host and handle the issue immediately. After reviewing the claim, Airbnb will reply to the guest with their choice.

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