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Pictures on Airbnb

How to Change Pictures on Airbnb

Do you know that Great Photos of your serviced accommodation can attract more guests to your short-term rental? Creating an Airbnb listing is not enough to maximize your booking you have to add the proper title and descriptions with great pictures of your serviced accommodations that can attract more guests to stand out on your serviced apartments. Follow this easy guide to change your pictures on Airbnb.

Why Update Your Photos?

  1. First Impressions: Guests often choose listings based on photos.
  2. Show Off Improvements: Highlight any new upgrades to your property.
  3. Seasonal Appeal: Show different seasons to keep your listing fresh.

Steps to Change Your Pictures on Airbnb

1. Log In to Your Airbnb Account

  • Open the Airbnb app or go to
  • Log in with your email and password.

2. Go to Your Listings

  • Click on your profile picture at the top right.
  • Select “Listings” from the menu.

3. Select the Listing to Update

  • Click on the listing you want to update.
  • This will open the listing’s main page.

4. Edit Your Listing

  • Click “Edit” at the top right of the listing page.
  • Choose “Photos” from the menu.

5. Add New Photos

  • Click the “Add photos” button.
  • Choose the new photos from your device. Make sure they are clear and show your property well.

6. Arrange Your Photos

  • Drag and drop the photos to arrange them in the order you want.
  • The first photo will be the cover photo and will be seen first by potential guests.

7. Delete Old Photos

  • Hover over the photo you want to remove.
  • Click the trash icon on the top right of the photo.

8. Save Your Changes

  • After arranging and adding photos, click “Save” or “Done.”
  • Your listing will now show the new photos.

Tips for Taking Great Photos

  • Lighting: Use natural light. Morning or afternoon light works best.
  • Staging: Clean and tidy up your space. Add small touches like fresh flowers.
  • Angles: Take photos from different angles. Wide-angle shots can make rooms look bigger.
  • Unique Features: Highlight special features like a nice view or a cozy fireplace.

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