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How to add cleaning fee on airbnb

Adding a cleaning fee to your Airbnb listing can help cover the costs of preparing your space for new guests. This fee ensures your property remains clean and welcoming without eating into your rental income. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a cleaning fee to your Airbnb listing.

Why You Need a Cleaning Fee
  • Covers Costs: Offsets the expenses of professional services or supplies.
  • Maintains Standards: Ensures your property stays clean and appealing, boosting guest satisfaction.
  • Fair Pricing: Distributes costs among all guests.
Step-by-Step Guide
Step 1: Log into Airbnb
  • Go to Airbnb and log in.
  • Switch to hosting mode.
Step 2: Access Your Listing
  • Click on “Calendar” and select your listing name.
  • Step 3: Navigate to Pricing and Availability
  • Scroll down to the “Pricing and Availability” section.
Step 4: Add Cleaning Fee
  • Under “Additional Charges,” click on “Fee.”
  • Select “Cleaning Fee.”
Step 5: Enter the Fee Amount
  • Input the amount you wish to charge.
  • Click “Save.”
Best Practices for Setting Your Cleaning Fee
  • Research CompetitorsLook at similar listings in your area to set a competitive fee.
  • Be Transparent: Clearly state the cleaning fee in your listing description.
  • Review Regularly: Adjust the fee periodically based on changes in costs.

Adding a fee to your Airbnb listing is a simple process that can significantly benefit both you and your guests. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure your property remains clean and welcoming, while also covering your expenses. Managing multiple short-term rental properties can be stressful. Consider using GrowYourBnb to handle your property management needs. This service can help you stay organized and stress-free, ensuring a smooth and efficient hosting experience.

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