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How to Attract Direct Booking Guests in the UK GrowYourBnb

Five secrets to 100% serviced accommodation occupancy rate l How To Get Direct Bookings

Achieving a 100% occupancy rate through direct reservations is the ultimate goal in the competitive world of serviced hotels. In this article, we will look into the knowledge provided by an experienced professional who has helped multimillionaires develop their Airbnb property portfolios. Get ready to discover the top five secrets that can propel your service accommodation business to unparalleled success.

Understanding Your Potential Guests

One of the fundamental secrets to ensuring a fully booked property is understanding the diverse types of guests that could potentially stay in your accommodation. From couples on a weekend getaway to business travelers, the key is to create a comprehensive list of potential guests. This proactive approach sets the foundation for targeted marketing and personalized services.

Deciphering Booking Behaviors

Once you’ve identified potential guests, the next step is to analyze their booking behaviors. Different guests have different preferences when it comes to booking platforms. By understanding where your target audience is likely to search for accommodations, you can strategically position your property on platforms such as Airbnb,, or even through direct bookings on your website.

Profit Pricing Strategies

Move beyond simply setting a nightly rate and dive into profit pricing. The expert emphasizes the importance of focusing on net profit after considering all expenses. By strategically pricing your property to ensure consistent profits, you attract long-term bookings. This approach proves that, even with a lower nightly rate, sustained profitability is achievable, especially when attracting guests for extended stays.

Crafting Customized Advertisements

One of the most effective strategies for attracting¬†the correct audience is to customize your ads according to consumer behavior. The expert recommends creating ten different ads that resonate with various guest personas. Knowing their requirements and preferences will help you make appealing advertisements that encourage reservations, whether you’re targeting professionals moving across town or weekend travelers.

Investing in Google Branding

The final secret involves a long-term investment in Google branding. While immediate returns may not be expected, this strategy is crucial for achieving 100% occupancy rate with direct bookings in the long run. The expert advises property owners to invest in Google for organic growth, acknowledging that results may take six to twelve months to materialize.


A calculated strategy is needed to get your serviced accommodation business to 100% occupancy. By implementing above five secrets, you can pave the way for sustained success and direct bookings. As you embark on this journey, remember that consistency and a deep understanding of your target audience are key to unlocking the full potential of your property.

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