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How to satisfy your Guest is serviced accommodations

If you are going to start a Serviced accommodation business in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, and places like Chelsea, London Bridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Coventry, Sandbanks, Sydney, New York, Toronto, etc. In-serviced accommodation amenities are the key features of Serviced Apartments. Having more amenities in Serviced Accommodation helps short-term rental owners get more bookings.

Don’t forget to add amenities to your Serviced apartments. 

Watch this video to learn more about Short-Term Rentals and amenities that are included in the Serviced Accommodations.

In Serviced Accommodation Amenities are the key things that every guest looks for in the Serviced Apartments. Having More amenities in Serviced Accommodations means more guests are attracted to the Serviced Apartments.

Here are some basic amenities in Serviced Accommodation that you should have to include in your Serviced Apartments for guests’ satisfaction.

Long-term Amenities

Make guests happier by adding long-term amenities to your Serviced Accommodation. Some of the long-term amenities that you should include in your Short-term Rentals.


Fully Equipped kitchens

Laundry Services

Fast internet connections

Fully furnished apartments


Bathroom essentials


Business-friendly Amenities

Having business-friendly amenities which included the following things

Dedicated workspace
Meeting room access

Business services

These are the amenities that make your guests happier while staying in your Serviced Apartments.

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If you want to know more about the Serviced Accommodation then watch this video which will help you understand the short-term rental services.

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