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How much do co-hosts make on Airbnb

How much does a co-host get paid?

The question of how much an Airbnb co-host earns in the UK is a common one, yet finding a clear answer can often lead to confusion. As a reliable source, it’s time to provide a definitive response to this query. Understanding the earnings of an Airbnb co-host in locations across the UK is essential for hosts and potential co-hosts. In this blog, I will try to give you the exact response to this question.

The revenues of an Airbnb co-host range from 10% to 20% per booking. Everyone agrees that this range is reasonable although there isn’t a set amount. For instance, you will make between $3,000 and $6,000 if you co-host an Airbnb account or accounts that bring in $30,000 a year.

It is your responsibility as a co-host to negotiate reasonable pricing with the main host. There is plenty to consider, so let’s look at the crucial inquiries.

How much money is made by a co-host?

In the context of Airbnb, a co-host’s income can vary significantly based on several variables, including location, property type, rental rates, occupancy rates, and the terms of the co-host’s agreement with the primary host. Co-hosts typically receive a portion of the booking money the property they assist in managing brings in. Depending on the co-host’s responsibility and level of participation, that percentage can vary from 10% to 30% or higher. For instance, if a co-host’s agreed-upon percentage is 20% and the property brings in £1,000 for booking revenue per month, the co-host would make £200 in that month.

How Does Airbnb Co-host Get Paid?

The primary host’s Airbnb account is usually used to pay co-hosts. Payment for bookings from guests is due to the primary host, who is the owner or manager of the property that is advertised on Airbnb. Co-hosts may get their portion of the earnings after the primary host gets paid by Airbnb for a reservation. Depending on what the primary host and the co-host agree upon, there are a few different ways to achieve this, such as bank transfers, PayPal, or other online payment systems.

What does the Airbnb Co-host do

A Co-host is a person who assists the primary host in managing Serviced Accommodation also known as Short Term Rental Business in the UK. Airbnb Co-host can help Primary hosts in various aspects. Some of the responsibilities of a co-host are:

  • Handling reservations
  • Communicating with guests via Airbnb & Booking.Com
  • Increasing direct booking opportunities. 
  • Updating your calendar & prices
  • Coordinating laundry & cleaning
  • Rectifying any maintenance issues
  • Communicating any stock updates of essential supplies
  • Completing all guest welcome messages.
  • Verifying the identity of guests
  • Extra guest services if agreed with guest (airport transfer, etc)
  • Reviewing guests and getting the best reviews.
  • Creating & Listing Your Space
  • Increasing nightly rates and adding additional services
  • Creating as many systems and processes to automate

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How can a host of Airbnb add a Co-host? 

Adding a co-host on Airbnb by the host is an easy and simple process. The host of Airbnb can add you to the account in a couple of easy steps. Here is the process of adding co-hosts to Airbnb.

  1. Click on Listings
  2. Select your listing
  3. Find the Co-Host page
  4. Add your new Co-Host

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