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3 Things You Learn In First Few Years In Business

3 Things You Learn In First Few Years In Business

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! If you’ve been following my journey, you know that my entry into the business world was marked by uncertainty and the pursuit of perfection. It’s been eight years since I started my entrepreneurial endeavor, and today, I want to share three key lessons that not only shaped my path but are insights I’ve seen resonate with many budding business owners.

1. Distractions and Self-Discovery

In those initial months, my life underwent a radical shift. The familiar routine of a job or university life was replaced by the unpredictable rhythm of entrepreneurship. One thing became clear—distractions were abundant. From financial worries to uncertainty about the future, it was a whirlwind. What I learned and what you might too, is that focusing on mastering one thing is crucial. For me, it turned out to be marketing. Identifying and concentrating on what you love within your business not only keeps you grounded but lays the foundation for long-term success.

2. Embrace the Learning Process

In the first year, there’s a common expectation to chase financial success vigorously. However, what I discovered was that the journey was more about what I wanted to build rather than immediate financial gains. Journaling became my anchor during this period. Every day, I documented my wins, losses, and even the smallest expenses. It allowed me to celebrate the journey and provided a valuable record of my progress. It’s not about instant gratification; it’s about the process.

3. Building a Solid Foundation

As I dove into entrepreneurship, legalities, operations, and team dynamics became critical aspects. Initially overwhelming, these elements transformed into pillars of strength over the years. Building a robust structure, investing in a capable team, and understanding the nuances of sales and finances were key. Today, I can proudly say that these aspects have evolved into the backbone of my business.


Eight years later, I stand here with a thriving business, a team of 15, and a wealth of experiences. My journey has been a blend of challenges, triumphs, and continuous learning. If you’re just starting or contemplating entrepreneurship, remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Embrace the distractions, find your passion within the business, document your journey, and build a strong foundation. The first few years are a learning curve, and what you glean from them will shape the future of your venture. Let’s connect on this incredible journey of entrepreneurship!

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